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  Course Description

Degree: A.D.
Duration (Years): 2
Language: Turkish

The aim of the dialysis program is to bring up qualified health technicians who will provide services in the hospital dialysis units in the treatment of the illnesses requiring dialysis treatment. In line with the rapid changes in the medical technology, a growing demand for dialysis technicians has emerged. The program aims to graduate intermediate workforce needed in the dialysis treatment process of the individuals with kidney failure.

General Information

Having taken profession-related courses on anatomy, physiology, nephrology, dialysis, pathology, graduates of the dialysis associate degree program become qualified professionals who are equipped with up-to-date information and cultural awareness. Through effective research, teamwork and problem solving skills and importance given to human health and ethical principles, program graduates provide quality health services to the community both within the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey.


The program carries importance in catering for the growing demand for dialysis technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey. Prominent academicians from the universities in the Republic of Turkey have agreed to contribute to the program both by providing consultancy and actively delivering courses.


  • The program has been developed upon strong academic and physical foundation.
  • Along with academic activities taking place throughout the academic year, students are provided with summer internship opportunities at well-known health institutions.
  • Students may benefit from numerous social, cultural and sports activities offered by clubs and facilities within the university.
  • EMU Health Sciences Faculty Center for Healthy Living provides numerous advantages through the anatomy lab, professional skill lab, anthropometry lab and body analysis and metabolism calculation tools.

Career Opportunities

As there is a growing demand for dialysis technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey, graduates may pursue employment opportunities at the dialysis units of the state and private hospitals. They may also work at establishments operating under the ministry of health, social security hospitals, university hospitals or polyclinics.

Contact Information

Tel: +90 392 630 2172
Fax: +90 392 365 3940

Degree: A.D.
Duration (Years): 2
Language: Turkish
Course Code Course Title Semester Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week) Lab (hrs/week) Tutorial (hrs/week) ECTS

Semester 1

DYLZ107 Check Dialysis 1 4 4 - -
To increase students’ ability and knowledge regarding care and follow-up stages at pre-dialysis, during dialysis and post-dialysis stages. The course includes basic concepts of health practices, human-health-desease and environment concepts, ethical decision making process and attitudes regarding ethical principles.
DYLZ109 Temel Mesleki Uygulamalar 1 4 3 2 -
Medical team, main necessities of human, main self-care practices and related features, the main principles of posture and body mechanics, body mechanics and lying positions, the reason and importance of mobilizing individual , medical and surgical asepsis, aberration of life evidences, application of medicine and principles of secure medicine applying.
FZTR151 Introduction to Anatomy 1 3 2 2 -
Bu ders; öğrencilerin, insan anatomisini ve fizyolojisini, vücut sistemlerini ve fonksiyonlarını öğrenmesini amaçlamaktır. Dersin kapsamında; kemikler, eklemler, kaslar, sistemler, organizmanın bölümleri (hücre-doku-organ-sistem), görevleri ve bu bölümler arasındaki iletişim incelenmektedir.
FZTR152 Introduction to Physiology 1 2 2 - -
Parts of the organism (cell-tissue-organ-system), their tasks and communication between these sections are examined. In the content of course, cell physiology, nerve, muscle, blood physiology and the physiology of the central nervous system ana physiology of respiratory and circulatory systems.
FZTR223 Health Concepts and Terminology 1 2 2 - -
Basic medical terms and concepts. In addition, it will be given information about diseases and the system of their international classification, the basic elements that make up medical terms, roots, prefixes, suffixes and the concepts related to health and disease.
ITEC115 Introduction to Computers 1 3 2 2 -
The course presents the basic description of information technology concepts, basic computer system hardware and software components, common terminology in information technology, application areas, and integration of computer system components. Students document on the computer using office programs, spreadsheets, and presentations that are necessary to prepare is to provide basic knowledge and skills.

Semester 2

DYLZ108 Use and Care Dialysis Equipments - I 2 5 4 2 -
Recognition of the kidney machine (dialyser), the main features of the kidney machine I and II, dialysis settlement, membrane settlement, required boundings of kidney machine, disinfection systems of kidney machine, Na and UF profiles
DYLZ110 Dialysis Pharmacology 2 3 3 - -
The main aim of the course is to inform students about dialysis, reasons of dialysis and the treatment options. The course includes definitions regarding treatment methods such as hemodialysis, peritoneum dialysis and kidney transplantation.
DYLZ112 Advanced Dialysis 2 3 3 - -
Definitions and introduction to pharmacology, research area of pharmacology and parts, pharmaceutics shapes and the ways of giving medicine, pharmacokinetics features, side effects of medicines and toxic effects, intoxications and treatments, medicines of autonomic nervous system, medicines of cardiovascular system, disinfectants and recipe knowledge.
BESD161 Principles of Basic Nutrition 2 2 2 - -
To learn the basic concepts of nutrition and adequate and balanced nutrition, to learn the importance of nutrients, definition, chemical structure, sources, basic properties, functions, digestion, absorption and metabolism, also to learn the recommended daily intake of the nutrients.
SGBL108 Diseases Information 2 3 3 - -
General structure of human body, cell and it’s functions, metabolism, body liquids, electrolytes, tissue and types, organs and their systems, respiration, circulation, excretion and reproductive organs and their functions, health and illnesses, symptoms, etiology, mental health and neurosis, nervous system and sense organs deseases.
HIST280 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkilap Tarihi 2 2 2 - -

Semester 3

DYLZ200 Summer Training 3 No-Credit - - -
The training course of 20 working days aims to reinforce students for practical application in associations and health centers with the consultancy of academic personnel.
DYLZ205 Dialysis Equipment Use and Maintenance - II 3 6 4 4 -
The main features of the kidney machine, dialysis system equipments, water purification systems. Membrane settlement, connections, disinfection systems of kidney machine, defines Na and UF profiles.
DYLZ207 Nephrology 3 3 3 - -
Chronic kidney illness and its causes. Metabolic changes in renal insufficiency (hypertension, cardiovascular system, nerve system, renal osteodysthrophy, hematopoietic system, GIS, immune system), conservative treatments in chronic kidney dysfunctioning, general definition of renal replacement, defines indications and contraindications, acute renal failure, nephrotic and nephritic syndrome.
FZTR153 Check Microbiology 3 2 2 - -
Basic microbiology and parasitology. History of microbiology, basic features of microorganisms, nutrition of microorganisms, reproduction, microbiology of special environment, normal microbe flora of human body, host-parasite relations, spreading ways of microorganisms, basic immune system, sterilization, methods of disinfection.
SGBL105 Deontology and Ethics in Health Sciences 3 2 2 - -
Concept of ethics, principles of ethics, types of ethics, quality standards, ethical problems in business, ethics and patient complaints, evaluation of the defective services that occur within tourism sector are defined within the course.
ENGL161 Basic English I 3 3 3 1 -
ENGL161 is the first semester, first year English language course offered to all students studying in a 2-year Turkish Medium Program at the university. It is designed to help students improve the level of their English to halfway towards A1 level, as specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This course introduces the students to the English language and aims to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
UE01 University Elective - I 3 3 3 - -

Semester 4

DYLZ206 Professional Practice 4 6 - 12 -
Students will have an opportunity to observe the pre-dialysis, dialysis and post-dialysis patients in hospitals and health centers. Will apply pratical knowledges to reinforce their teorical backgrounds in one academic term.
ENGL162 Basic English II 4 3 3 1 -
ENGL162 is the second semester, first-year English language course offered to all students studying in a 2-year Turkish Medium Program. It is designed to help students improve the level of their English to A1 level, as specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This course introduces the students to the English language and aims to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in academic settings.
FZTR160 Communication in Health Centers 4 2 2 - -
Communication theories and concepts, therapeutic communication, facilitating and preventing situations in therapeutic communication, fasilitation skills, critical thinking and problem solving, Professional communication in health care teami communication in group and family, conflict and conflict management, use of communication in health education , conflict issues within the team.
AE01 Area Elective I 4 3 3 - -
AE02 Area Elective II 4 3 3 - -
UE02 University Elective - II 4 3 3 - -

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