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Ground Breaking News from EMU Faculty of Health Sciences

Ground Breaking News from EMU Faculty of Health Sciences
Published Date: Thursday, 22 November 2018

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Health Sciences blazed a trail in TRNC by being granted a membership to the Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Rehabilitation in Europe (COHEHRE). With this new membership to COHEHRE, EMU Faculty of Health Sciences aims to share information with the universities of the European Union on education, teaching and research; and to provide support in these fields to the students and faculty members of EMU Faculty of Health Sciences.

COHEHRE was founded in 1990 and incorporates 42 member universities from 12 different European countries. It aims to form a social network between the health field related higher education institutions in European Community Countries. COHEHRE also aims to contribute to its members by sharing the best current and future international applications on the fields of education, learning and research. In addition to contributing to mutual research projects over the member universities, COHEHRE also aims to encourage the improvement of education models and methods in order to develop occupational cooperation in health services.

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