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Ref. Course Code Course Title Lec. Lab Tut. Credit ECTS Syl.
Semester 1
K1711 ANES121 Anesthesiology - I 3 - 3 4 7
K1712 FZTR151 Introduction to Anatomy 2 2 - 3 5
K1713 FZTR152 Introduction to Physiology - - - 2 3
K1714 KIMY109 Introduction to General Chemistry 3 1 1 3 5
K1715 ENGL161 Basic English I 3 1 - 3 6
K1716 ITEC115 Introduction to Computers 2 2 - 3 4
Semester 2
K1721 ANES122 Anesthesiology - II 3 - 3 4 6
K1722 ANES104 Anesthesia Tech Special Care and Treatment 3 - 2 4 6
K1723 ANES106 Anesthesia Pharmacology 2 - - 2 5
K1724 FZTR153 Check Microbiology 2 2 - 2 4
K1725 ENGL162 Basic English II 3 1 - 3 6
K1726 HIST280 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkilap Tarihi 2 - - 2 3
Semester 3
K1731 ANES200 Summer Training - - - - -
K1732 ANES221 Anesthesiology - III 3 3 - 4 7
K1733 ANES223 Monitoring 2 3 - 3 5
K1734 ANES205 First Aid 2 - 1 2 5
K1735 ANES222 Infectious Diseases 3 - - 3 5
K1736 UE01 University Elective - I 3 - - 3 4
K1737 UE02 University Elective - II 3 - - 3 4
Semester 4
K1741 ANES228 Professional Practice - II - 12 - 6 11
K1742 ANES227 Anesthesiology - IV 3 - 3 4 8
K1743 FZTR223 Health Concepts and Terminology - - - 2 3
K1744 PSYC111 Science of Psychology 2 - - 2 2
K1745 AE01 Area Elective - I 3 - - 3 3
K1746 AE02 Area Elective - II 3 - - 3 3

The primary aim of the Anesthesia Associate Degree Program is to bring up qualified health professionals supporting the surgeons during operations. The program takes pride in being the first anesthesia program in the TRNC and is important in catering for the demand for qualified anesthesia technicians both in TRNC and Turkey. Rapid developments in medical technology influence medical practices in anesthesia. Along with these developments, demand for intermediate workforce in the field of anesthesia is progressively increasing both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey.


The Anesthesia Associate Degree Program strives to deliver education in line with the developments in science and technology and in accordance with international, professional and ethical standards. The program’s primary aim is to graduate qualified professionals who will cater for the demand for anesthesia technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey.


The mission of the program is to graduate productive, inquisitive and modern health technicians with cultural awareness and effective communication skills, fulfilling their responsibilities towards community by efficiently adapting themselves to changing conditions, working effectively in teams both within our country and region and benefitting from science and technology.

General Information

Graduates of the Anesthesia Associate Degree Program are all qualified, modern professionals who possess in-depth knowledge on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology special treatment methods and anesthesiology.


The program carries utmost importance both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey since it caters for the demand for qualified anesthesia technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey. Prominent academicians from the universities in the Republic of Turkey have agreed to contribute to the program both by providing consultancy and actively delivering courses.


  • The program has been developed upon strong academic and physical foundation.
  • Along with academic activities taking place throughout the academic year, students are provided with summer internship opportunities at well-known health institutions.
  • Students may benefit from numerous social, cultural and sports activities offered by clubs and facilities within the university.
  • EMU Health Sciences Faculty Center for Healthy Living provides numerous advantages through the anatomy lab, professional skill lab, anthropometry lab and body analysis and metabolism calculation tools.


  • possess information, both in theory and application, regarding latest techniques in anesthetics and application tools.
  • are aware of the importance of ethical principles and rules for individuals and the community;
  • are able to interpret and evaluate data based on their knowledge in anesthetics; can define, analyse and provide solutions for problematic areas;
  • are able to work independently by using the information gained in the field of anesthetics.
  • work in line with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values in the collection, interpretation, application and dissemination of the data in the field of anesthetics.
  • act in accordance with the laws and regulations, by-laws and professional ethics related to their field.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue employment opportunities at surgery departments of the state and private hospitals as well as polyclinics.


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Fax: +90 392 365 3940

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