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Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)

General Information

The mission of the department is to establish a unique educational environment formed by the integration of different components such as information at global standards, research activities, contributions to science, sharing information and aesthetic values. Further aims of the department is to graduate expert professionals who would respect the values of the society, protect human health in line with scientific principles based on evidence and work in relevant areas to cure illnesses. In terms of the society, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics aims to provide contributions by educating qualified health professionals, educators and researchers serving the society in accordance with scientific findings and ethical values.


With its modern and technological structure and up-to-date technological opportunities, Eastern Mediterranean University Nutrition and Dietetics Department has been established to provide student-centered education in a democratic environment. With the aim of graduating well-educated and successful students and maintaining the interdisciplinary dynamism, our University established a collaboration protocol with Marmara and Gazi Universities. Along with the collaborations, our department receives professional support from expert academicians at various institutions in Turkey with the aim of effective course implementation. Our program has been designed in such a way that elements such as analysing, tackling problems, reaching conclusions, thinking creatively and critically, working in a team and communicating effectively have been integrated with the course content. A number of collaboration protocols have also been made with different institutions to provide our students with internship opportunities.


Students at our department benefit from laboratories equipped with modern facilities at world standards. Each laboratory has been designed to provide opportunities for approximately 50 students to receive instruction at the same time. Our University provides sufficient number of computers with Internet connections for students. Students are also given the privilege of benefitting from the Eastern Mediterranean University Library which is equipped with modern facilities, equipment and databases. Our University also provides an array of recreational opportunities for our students in the form of social, cultural and sports activities.

Career Opportunities

Following successful completion of their undergraduate education, students of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department receive the title of a “Dietician". Graduates of the program may also pursue postgraduate studies at master's or doctoral degree level and may become senior dieticians or doctors.


Course Code
Full Course Title
Course Category
​Credit ​ ​ ​
1BESD101Principles of Nutrition IAC2
203 6
1KIMY103Basıc ChemistryAC3103 6
1BIOL111Medical Biology and Genetics IAC2002 4
1ENGL171English I         UC3003 4
1FZTR101Anatomy FC3304 6
1FZTR103PhysiologyFC3003 4
2BESD102Principles of Nutrition IIAC2203 6
2KIMY104Organıc ChemıstryAC3013 6
2BIOL112Medical Biology and Genetics IIAC2002 4
2PSYC111Science of PhysıcologyAC2002 4
2ENGL172English II        UC3003 4
2MATE122Basic MathematicsAC3013 6
3BESD201Nutritional Biochemistry IAC3003 7
3BESD203Food Chemistry and Analysis IAC3204 8
3FZTR110General MıcrobıologyAC2203 7
3ITEC115Introduction to ComputerUC2203 2
3UE1University Elective CourseUE3003 4
3HIST280Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkısh RevolutionUC2002 2
4BESD202Nutritional Biochemistry IIAC3003 7
4BESD204Food Chemistry and Analysis IIAC3204 8
4BESD210Food MicrobiologyAC2203 6
4BESD212Sports NutritionAC2002 3
4UE2University Elective CourseUE3003 4
4FZTR222Public Health AC2002 2
5BESD301Mother and Child NutritionAC2023 6
5BESD303Determination of Nutritional StatusAC1022 4
5BESD305Food Service Systems -IAC3003 5
5BESD307Medical Nutrition Therapy in Disease - IAC3024 7
5UE3University Elective CourseAC3003 4
5AE1Area Elective CourseAE2002 4
6BESD302Nutrition in Pediatric DiseasesAC2023 6
6BESD304Nutritional Problems and EpidemiologyAC1022 5
6BESD306Food Service Systems -IIAC3003 5
6BESD308Medical Nutrition Therapy in Disease - IIAC3024 7
6BESD310Food Control and LegislationAC1022 3
6YONT121Introduction to BusinessAC2002 4
7BESD316Summer Internship in Clinical AreasAC0000 1
7BESD401Clinical Nutrition Internship IAC3094 8
7BESD403Internship for Food Service Systems IAC3094 8
7BESD405Graduation Project IAC2002 3
7BESD407Seminar-IAC2002 3
7MATE211BiostatisticsAC2012 4
7FZTR403Research Methods in Health SciencesFC3003 3
8BESD402Clinical Nutrition Internship IIAC3094 8
8BESD404Internship for Food Service systems IIAC3094 8
8BESD406Graduation Project IIAC2002 3
8BESD408Seminar-IIAC2002 3
8AE2Area Elective CourseAE2002 4
8AE3Area Elective CourseAE2002 4

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