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Surgery Services

General Information

The vision of the program is to become a leading program in the field by training operating room technicians who are able to adapt to the changing health conditions, have problem solving and high communication skills, are well adjusted in team work, have necessary skills to use technological tools and materials, are endowed with the professional abilities, have an awareness of professional liability and attach importance to human health and ethical values.

The aim of the Surgery Services Associate Program is to bring up experienced surgical health assistants that are needed in the field of healthcare. Graduates of the program are to be able to conduct the preparations of surgical materials prior to the operations as well as using such materials during the operations, to directly participate in operation teams and are able to assist the surgeon during the operation.


The program has various strengths. Some of which are as follows; the first ever Surgery Services Program to be launched in TRNC within the body of the School of Health Services and therefore, its importance in serving the purpose. Moreover, Health Sciences Faculty being established within the Eastern Mediterranean University that has a long-standing past, our university’s recently launched Medicine Faculty, expert academic staff members from Turkey visiting the department both for consulting purposes and active teaching, qualified academic staff members in the department with in-depth academic and field related knowledge, the appropriateness of the academic and physical infrastructure of the planned program, the availability of various clubs and facilities within EMU contributing to the social, cultural and sports activities and finally, the availability of an Anatomy Laboratory, occupational skill labs, various body analysis devices within the EMU Health Sciences Faculty.

Since Turkish being the medium of instruction, more than 90% of students opting for EMU come from TRNC, Turkey or other Turkish speaking countries. Therefore, the sufficient demand on the program is listed within the strengths of the program.


The Surgery Services Program is designed in accordance with the world standards including its fully-equipped labs for assessment and evaluation services and, advanced level technological devices and equipment. The large-scale rooms dedicated for labs are designed to serve around 40-50 students at once, providing students the opportunity to easily work together. Computer labs with adequate level internet support are available within our university. EMU library is equipped with all the necessary tools and materials regarding education and research. Moreover, our university offers students a wide range of recreational opportunities that they can benefit from various social, cultural and sports activities during their free time.


Tel: +90 392 630 2172
Fax: +90 392 365 3940

Please contact to department and/or faculty for detailed information about courses.

Ref. Course Code Course Title Lec. Lab Tut. Credit ECTS Syl.
Semester 1
K9711 AMLH111 Operating Room Techonology 3 - - 3 -
K9712 AMLH113 Surgical Diseases Knowledge - I 5 - - 5 -
K9713 FZTR151 Introduction to Anatomy 2 2 - 3 -
K9714 FZTR152 Introduction to Physiology - - - 2 -
K9715 FZTR153 Check Microbiology 2 2 - 2 -
K9716 ITEC115 Introduction to Computers 2 2 - 3 -
Semester 2
K9721 AMLH114 Operating Room Applications 3 - 2 4 -
K9722 AMLH116 Surgical Diseases Knowledge - II 5 - - 5 -
K9723 AMLH118 Sterilization 3 - - 3 -
K9724 FZTR223 Health Concepts and Terminology - - - 2 -
K9725 FZTR160 Communication in Health Centers - - - 2 -
K9726 HIST280 Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkilap Tarihi 2 - - 2 -
Semester 3
K9731 AMLH200 Summer Practices - I - - - - -
K9732 AMLH211 Introduction to Anesthesia 2 - 2 3 -
K9733 AMLH215 Surgical Diseases Knowledge - III 5 - - 5 -
K9734 HMSR163 Basic First Aid 2 - - 2 -
K9735 ENGL161 Basic English I 3 1 - 3 -
K9736 UE01 University Elective - I 3 - - 3 -
K9737 AE01 Area Elective - I 3 - - 3 -
Semester 4
K9741 AMLH212 Clinical Practice - 12 - 6 -
K9742 FZTR206 Medical Documentation 2 - - 2 -
K9743 SGBL105 Deontology and Ethics in Health Sciences 2 - - 2 -
K9744 ENGL162 Basic English II 3 1 - 3 -
K9745 UE02 University Elective - II 3 - - 3 -
K9746 AE02 Area Elective - II 3 - - 3 -
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