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Dean's Message

Dear Students,

I am very happy to welcome you to our faculty. To start with, I'd like to wish you a year full of hope, health and success.

This year, we are pleased and excited to be greeting our new valuable students into our family. I'd like to emphasise how rightful you are to be excited and happy to be a student of Eastern Mediterranean University.

The major aim of our faculty is to foster our students as professional individuals that take part in multidisciplinary practice with creative thinking, ethical values, a moral responsibility for society, sharing personality, integrative thinking, a passion to learn, produce research and adapt to innovation. 

The mission of our faculty is to train exceptional individuals that produce, spread, practice knowledge with leadership qualities for the future of our country and be a renowned education and research foundation on an international level. On these grounds, we are moving forward in order to provide a new practice field for you, as we are aware of the importance of problem-based learning beyond theoretical knowledge.

In the all departments  and program coordinatorships of our faculty, a advisor was chosen from among the teaching staff for each of our students.To know who your personal advisor is, you may sign in to your portal account to view and apply for an appointment in a circumstance of not only academic but also personal and social support. For academic inquiries that you require explanation and solution, it's appropriate to follow an order of advisor, coordinator, head of department and dean. Due to your separation from family household and stepping into a cultural and social environment, you might encounter adaptation obstacles during your first year. Do not forget, especially during this period, that we are by your side and you are encouraged to contact the tasked advisor or staff at any time.

Once again, I welcome you and wish you a healthy and successful year.

Prof.Dr.Mehtap Malkoç


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