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EMU Health Sciences Faculty Graduates Take Their Oath

EMU Health Sciences Faculty Graduates Take Their Oath
Published Date: Friday, 5 July 2019

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Health Sciences Faculty organized an oath ceremony for the associate and undergraduate program graduates of the 2018-2019 Academic Year Spring Semester. The said organization took place at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 2nd of July 2019. The oath was taken by 530 new health personnel at the ceremony attended by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Prime Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Suat Yeldener, EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Halit Tanju Besler, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research Director (a.) Prof. Dr. Ali Hakan Ulusoy, Vice-Deans, Chairs, academic staff, graduates and their families. Folk dancing was performed by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Special Education Foundation Folk Dancing Team.

After the dance performance, speeches were delivered by the top ranking graduate of the Health Sciences Faculty, Nutrition and Dietetics Department Pelin Turunç and top ranking graduate of the School of Health Services, Anesthesia Program Dilara Tiryaki, on behalf of the students. During their speeches the students expressed their happiness regarding receiving diplomas from a university that provides world class education. The students also thanked EMU for providing them endless opportunities. Stating that they will leave the university with an awareness of protecting the right to health and supporting the development of health, the students also promised to fulfill all the requirements of the profession.

Mehtap Malkoç

“Now You Are a Part of the Healthcare Team”

Delivering the opening speech, EMU Health Sciences Faculty Dean Prof. Dr. Mehtap Malkoç stated: “Dear graduates…Let me correct myself. Dear Colleagues! I salute you on this important day on which 530 colleagues from our School and Faculty are taking proud steps towards their careers.”  Prof. Dr. Malkoç continued her speech by relaying information about the Health Sciences Faculty, the associate and undergraduate level education it provides, clinical studies and scientific research that has led to it becoming one of the most respected institutions in the field. Prof. Dr. Malkoç indicated that 37 scientific articles (24 international and 13 national) of academic staff from the faculty have been published in respected journals in the 2018-2019 Academic Year alone.

Prof. Dr. Malkoç went on to highlight that they have acquired the necessary permissions for establishing an Orthopedic Prosthetics Orthotics Associate Program that will available for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Prof. Dr. Malkoç addressed her young colleagues stating: “Life is a road with ups and downs. We rejoice when some doors open and feel sorrow when others close. We witness failure as well as success. We must learn from our failures. You will see that this will prevent new mistakes in the future. Always remember Victor Hugo’s quote: “Being good is easy, what is difficult is being just.”  Now you are a part of the healthcare team.”

Necdet Osam

“Prepare Yourselves for a High Tempo Working Environment”

In his speech EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam stated: “I congratulate all of our graduates. Your profession affects all of our lives. We will not feel pain because of you. Prepare yourselves for a high tempo working environment. Dear members of academic staff, I thank you also.  Our graduates are where they are today as a result of your hard work. Dear parents, I know what it is like to be apart from your children. This is an emotional investment and today you reek its rewards.” Prof. Dr. Osam also drew attention to EMU featuring in the 151-200 band of the Times Higher Education rankings for universities under the age of 50 stating that EMU is fourth on this list amongst Turkish universities after Sabancı, Koç and Bilkent. Prof. Dr. Osam concluded by indicating that EMU will continue to advance as a result of taking sound steps within the scope of scientific norms, regulations and the Magna Charta Universitatum.

Following the opening addresses, Prime Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Suat Yeldener and EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Osam presented gifts to the top ranking students of the faculty and school. Then, Departments of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Nutrition and Dietetics, Nursing, Health Management and Sports Sciences graduates recited their oaths as well as graduates of the associate programs Oral and Dental Health, Anesthesia, Surgery Services, Dialysis, Physiotherapy, First and Emergency Aid, Radiotherapy, and Medical Imaging Techniques. The oaths specific to each department, were recited together with department chairs and program coordinators.

 All health personnel take oath before starting their careers in the field. The oath shows devotion to the principles and ethical values they will abide by throughout their careers. Oaths that are generally accepted as tradition in the field of health can show slight variations between different universities and departments.